TO address the growing need for artist videos and promotional material, we have started a video production department as well.

We chose the Canon XL2 as our digital video camera as it's light, has a fantastic lens system, shoots wide screen and 24 fps(like a movie camera) and is easily the most advanced camera system available.

The XL2 has it's own 120 gig harddrive as well as a DV tape backup, the lenses are interchangable and ours has an image stabalizer as well. We also have a set of redheads for lighting, and several different steady cam style mounts.

The camera rents for $230.00 a day,and includes the lighting package.

If you are interested in having us produce a video with you, give us a call and we can sit down over lunch and draw up an outline and come up with a budget.

View our photography/videography portfolio at