Patchname Scripts for Cubase SX / VST:

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POD controls for VST including a studio module and midi maps that work.

Soundcraft 328 REMOTE for CUBASE SX. The solo keys select channels, the transport now works and some other mods; be warned however, you have to have the newest version of SX 2+. more

Soundcraft 328 Remote for VST. Allows the solo keys to select channels. From there using mute 1 will enable our edit bank, and selecting solo for the strips will change the channel you are editing. More
Virus Problems

Funlove Virus

One of the problems we have run across with Cubase VST is the cubase.exe is corrupt We found that a virus called FUNLOVE is responsible for corrupting the exe.

If you want to do a quick check on your system, look for a file called c:\windows\system\flcss.exe This is the file that spreads funlove... however, it runs in the background, and even if you delete it it comes back. click on this link to take you to a site to purge funlove off your system